20 Week Training Schedule

This plan is 20 weeks in duration. The schedules are a guideline, and don't have to be done exactly as written and workouts can be rearranged to meet your schedule, but the plan is optimized to meet the training needs for a Half Ironman. Click here for a list of common terms / acronyms used throughout the plan.

This Weeks Goals

This week, the hours do not increase but we move towards more race-specific preparation. Try to do workouts on terrain matching race conditions.

Week 17


Bike 3h Keep RPE 3-4. Ride on race terrain if possible, use race clothes if possible. Use race equipment.
Run 20m Recovery run at RPE 2.


Run 1h 30m Tempo
wu: 20minutes, RPE 3
main: 10 x (3t, 2r) 3t at RPE 7-8, 2r at RPE 2
cd: 20 RPE 2-3


Swim 30m Speed day
wu: 250 continuous.
main: 10 x 100 EBEH (each 100 = 25Easy, 25Build, 25Easy, 25 Hard)
cd: 150 easy


Swim 1h 00m Race-specific
wu: 6 x 50, odd swim, even kick.
main: 3 x 600, 1 is RPE 3, 2 is RPE 9 for first 100 then RPE5, 3 is RPE 5.
cd: 200 easy


Bike 1h 00m Your choice of terrain and intensity.
Run 30m RPE 3
Comments and Definitions
Brick Day!


Bike 1h 20m Steady effort at RPE 3.
Swim 40m 10 minutes warm up, 2 minutes rest, then 30 minutes continuous at RPE 4, transitioning as soon as possible to bike.
Comments: Swim-Bike brick.


Day Off!