20 Week Training Schedule

This plan is 20 weeks in duration. The schedules are a guideline, and don't have to be done exactly as written and workouts can be rearranged to meet your schedule, but the plan is optimized to meet the training needs for a Half Ironman. Click here for a list of common terms / acronyms used throughout the plan.

This Weeks Goals

Approaching peak hours! You are now turning into an endurance beast. Allow yourself a little grin of accomplishment while thinking back at all the work you've put in over the past few months.

Then get back in the pool, we've got work to do... Key sessions this week are a long swim on Tuesday

Week 14


Bike 2h 00m RPE 3-4 (1.5 hours if on trainer)
Run 50m 2x25 mins at RPE 3, before and after the bike.
Comments: BRICK! Run - Bike - Run


Run 1h 30m Tempo
wu: 15 minutes RPE 3
main: 2 x (26t, 4r) 26t at RPE 6, 4r at RPE 2
cd: 15 minutes at RPE 3
Bike 30m Spinning at RPE 3 either directly after run or later in the day. If after running, take in calories and drink at start of bike and after.


Run 30m RPE 2


Swim 1h 15m wu: 200swim, 200kick, 200pull, 200swim
main: 1900 ladder. Do a set of 300, then 275, 250, etc…until 25
cd: 4 x 50, each slower than last


Swim 30m Continuous at RPE 4, open water if possible.
Bike 45m Outside or on trainer. RPE 3. Again, practice food and hydration timing that you plan to use during race.
Comments: Swim/Bike session together. The goal is to swim fairly hard then an easy cruise on the bike while practicing transition. Lake swims are the best but you can setup a transition area in your trunk and run out of the pool just as easily. Just like race day, remember to buckle your helmet before doing anything else--no finish times if you get DQ'd.


Run 45m RPE 3-4
Swim 1h 00m Race-specific
wu: 6 x 75, last 25 in each is backstroke.
main: 3 x 700, 1 is RPE 3, 2 is RPE4, 3 is RPE 5
cd: 150 easy

Friday April 20th

Day Off!