20 Week Training Schedule

This plan is 20 weeks in duration. The schedules are a guideline, and don't have to be done exactly as written and workouts can be rearranged to meet your schedule, but the plan is optimized to meet the training needs for a Half Ironman. Click here for a list of common terms / acronyms used throughout the plan.

This Weeks Goals

Here in Base 2 we will have "theme" weeks where a single sport will be focused on. Now in Week 12 we're focusing on the swim with reduced time spend on the roads.

Week 9


reverse tri order, back to back if you can schedule it…
Run 30m easy running
Bike 30m easy alternating every 10 minutes from big ring to small.
Swim 30m nonstop at RPE 5. This should be a hard effort but only
hard enough where you can maintain the pace for the whole 30 minutes


Bike 1h 00m 1 hour with some climbing or low cadence work if you're on the trainer. RPE 3-4 on the flats and allow yourself some out of the saddle work of RPE
7-8 on the hills.
Swim 30m Speed day
wu: 400 continuous. last 50 in each 100 is kick
main: 9 x 100 EBEH (each 100 = 25Easy, 25Build, 25Easy, 25 Hard)
cd: 6 x 25, each slower than last


Swim 30m Speed day
wu: 200 swim, 200kick, 200pull
main: 16 x 50, descend 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16
cd: 200 easy


Swim 1h 00m Long swim
wu: 4 x 150 swim, kick, pull, swim
main: 1650 ladder: start with 275, then 250, 225, ….until 25.
Cd: 200 easy


Bike 30m Inside or out, just easy spinning, RPE 3.
Run 30m Easy, RPE 2-3.


Swim 75m race-specific
wu: 4 x 75, last 25 in each is backstroke.
main: 4 x 750, all at RPE 4-5
cd: 3 x 50 easy (swim, kick, swim)


Day Off!