20 Week Training Schedule

This plan is 20 weeks in duration. The schedules are a guideline, and don't have to be done exactly as written and workouts can be rearranged to meet your schedule, but the plan is optimized to meet the training needs for a Half Ironman. Click here for a list of common terms / acronyms used throughout the plan.

This Weeks Goals

This week's single hard workout will be tempo effort on the run…not all out effort but a reserved and proud cruising pace--a confidence builder!

Week 6


Bike 2h 00m Long ride.
Run 30m Easy run--not immediately after the bike


Run 1h 15m Long run combined with tempo effort.
Wu: 20 minutes easy
Main: 7 x (3t, 2r) 3t efforts should be RPE 6-7. 2r at RPE 2.
Cd: 20 minutes easy
In the main set, the cryptic 3t and 2r means that there's 3 minutes at tempo or increased pace, followed by 2 minutes recovery running. So in total for the main set, you'll do 35 minutes total.
Swim 45m Speed day--tough!
wu: 300 continuous- (alternate 25 swim, 25 kick)
main: 20 x 75 hold constant pace for each-so judge pace in the first few, RPE 5
cd: 200 easy


Day Off! No bike or run workouts today but get some walking in such as parking at the end of parking lot for work or shopping. A bit of walking will hel help any stiffness you may feel from yesterday's effort.


Bike 45m 45 minutes on trainer if possible. Easy pace, RPE 3
Swim 45m Race-specific
wu: 5 x 50
main: 2 x 1000, both are RPE 4
cd: 250 easy


Bike 1h 00m 1 hour, mostly easy pace, find some rolling hills if possible.


Run 30m 30 minutes easy run with strides every 5 minutes.
Comments and Definitions
Mid-week respit! Tomorrow will be long and challenging...
Swim 45m Long day
wu: 200swim, 200kick, 200pull, 200swim
main: 1 x 1500, RPE 4 (alternate 1 x 1000)
cd: 4 x 50, each slower than last


Day Off!