20 Week Training Schedule

This plan is 20 weeks in duration. The schedules are a guideline, and don't have to be done exactly as written and workouts can be rearranged to meet your schedule, but the plan is optimized to meet the training needs for a Half Ironman. Click here for a list of common terms / acronyms used throughout the plan.

This Weeks Goals

This week's single hard workout is Wednesday's bike. We'll work on leg strength by finding a hill and then getting to know it intimately...

Week 5


Bike 2h 00m We're increasing a bit from last week. Again, keep the pace at RPE 3 except if you need to climb.


Bike 30m Recovery easy spin of RPE 2-3 ideally on trainer.
Run 1h 00m 60 minutes with strides every 10 minutes. Finish run then add 5 more 20 strides back to back before stretching. Remember, strides should be easy speed effort. Stop if your legs are feeling exhausted.
Comments Keep fluid intake high today and have a good recovery meal after the run session.


Run 30m 30 minute recovery…easy pace. Only bring a friend if you're really going to run easy--no pushing.


Swim 45m wu: 250 alternating each 50 swim and kick
main: 400, 4 x 100, 300, 3 x 100, 200, 2x100
long intervals are RPE 4, 100s are at RPE 7-8(alternate, remove 1st 400)
cd: 3 x 75, each slower than last


Bike 1h 00m Get the bike in first today....
60 minutes, hills. Find a hill that takes 3-5 minutes to climb.
Warm up and cool down 15 minutes each.
Main: 6-8 repititions on the hill. Remain seated on all reps. You should hit RPE 7-9 but not an all-out effort.
Complete stretch of legs and lower back afterwards. If on the trainer, do main set of 7 x 4:00 in large chainring, seated at
cadence of 50-60.
Swim 30m 30 minutes continuous recovery swim after bike workout.


Run 30m Very easy run today, constant at RPE 2-3.
Swim 45m Long day
wu: 200 continuous
main: 1 x 2000 at RPE 4 (alternate 1 x 1700)
cd: 4 x 50, each slower than last


Day Off!